Ms. Deans Recognized as FCPS CARES of the Month Recipient!

April 2022 FCPS Region 5 Recipient

By Department of Human Resources
June 01, 2022

Congratulations to Mr. Kevin Deans on being recognized as the April 2022 Region 5 FCPS CARES Recipient of the Month by the FCPS Department of Human Resources!

Below is the write-up submitted by a Katherine Johnson Middle School parent.

We’ve had 3 kids attend FCPS and have never experienced a teacher as dedicated to student success as Mr. Kevin Deans. We were first introduced to him over the summer of 2021 when he personally called me to push for my daughter to enter his higher-level math class. He had reviewed her scores and believed she was capable of much more than we had originally scheduled for her. We were very reluctant to move her forward, given her exceedingly introverted personality and her perceived struggles in math, especially after a year of virtual school due to COVID-19. Nonetheless, he said he would take the personal responsibility of ensuring her success. He has done that and so much more! From his tutoring sessions, routine phone calls and emails, positive reinforcement in the classroom, and even support of her participation in extracurriculars (which are not math related), I am thrilled to say that she has not only excelled in his classroom but has become a much more positive person. She couldn’t wait to get to school today to take her SOL, because she believed she was so prepared. We have never seen her this happy and positive about school about her academic ability and we credit Mr. Deans for making her KJMS experience so positive. She said she’s ready for high school now and we can hardly wait to see what she does there. We just pray Mr. Deans will be free to cheerlead when needed.