Why Work at KJMS?

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Interdisciplinary Teams

We have 8 Interdisciplinary Teams at KJMS, all named after Virginia colleges! Each interdisciplinary team consists of an English teacher, Science teacher, Social Studies teacher, counselor, and administrator. This group meets on a weekly basis to discuss student needs, hold parent conferences, and plan for team activities. This group of teachers shares the same group of students, which helps foster a sense of belonging in a larger school. Extended Team Members include HPE, Math, and other Electives teachers.

Nighthawks Team Teachersstudents at a pep rally

Outstanding Faculty & Staff

We have an outstanding faculty and staff, including teachers, administrators, counselors, support staff, custodians, operational staff, and office staff! Everyone brings their own strengths to the table and we have a lot of fun during staff events.

facultystaff Thanksgivingfront office staffcustodians

Learning Seminar

Learning Seminar (LS) is a unique way for students to build relationships with staff as they pursue enrichment activities that build their Portrait of a Graduate Skills. Our LS options rotate every 4-6 weeks, giving students several opportunities to explore things that they are passionate about while meeting other students with similar interests. This embedded time also allows for teachers to provide learning acceleration for students during the academic day.

Some examples of Learning Seminars offered by teachers include: LEGO Robotics, Futsal, Advanced Weight Room, Drawing Prompts, Karaoke, Best Buddies, 3D Printing Pens, School Beautification, Yoga, Crochet & Knitting, Newspaper, and Friendship Bracelet Making!

some learning seminarsstudents working with LEGOsstudents in coloring LS

We're part of the City of Fairfax Schools!

Katherine Johnson Middle School is one of 4 City of Fairfax schools! We receive extra support from the City of Fairfax and often welcome representatives from the City of Fairfax School Board members to visit our school. In 2021, we renamed the KJMS Library as the Dr. Phyllis Pajardo Library (one of the former superintendents of the City of Fairfax School Board).

school board members bringing pumpkins for Halloween

Parent Teacher Association

For Teacher Appreciation Week 2024, our wonderful PTA served a delicious lunch and dessert throughout the day! We are thankful for the partnership we have with them to appreciate and recognize staff and students.