Summer Reading Activities

Did you know that students who don’t read over the summer lose as much as one year of literacy skills? Protect your brain with SUMMER READING! This is your chance to read anything that appeals to you, not just what’s assigned in class. There are lots of great ideas and activities on our Summer Reading Bingo board to keep you busy all summer long – while earning Talon Trophy points and maybe even prizes, too! Fill out the printed BINGO card and hand it in to the library in August, or use this Google form to report your reading.

If you REALLY like prizes, you should also sign up for Fairfax County Public Library’s Summer Reading program. FCPL Summer Reading runs June 12th-August 18th for kids AND adults. Last year’s prizes included free ice cream, chocolate, baseball tickets, and even lawn tickets to Wolf Trap, so it’s worth the effort to record your reading there too.

Check back in June for our Suggested Summer Reading list and information on next year’s Battle of the Books!